Professional manner, efficiency and timely trouble-shooting is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our full range of services includes:

  1. Periodic overhauls and repairs of screw compressors
  2. Periodic overhauls and repairs of dryers
  3. Thorough technical assessment of the equipment
  4. Unit repairs
  5. Compressor engine repairs
  6. Coolers reconditioning
  7. Compressor adaptation for heat recovery
  8. Compressed air installations
  9. Dew point and flow measurements
  10. Installation audits

We perform  A B C D periodic maintenance checks recommended by manufacturers of screw compressors, cooling and adsorption dryers, line  filter, condensate drains,  oil separators and master control systems.  We have fully equipped mobile workshops as well as a professional workshop on our premises.

Most of our repairs are completed in one visit.

Our customers are guaranteed:

  1. Professional and reliable repairs
  2. Round-the-clock technical support
  3. Rapid response to call-outs (within 6 hours )
  4. Equipment hire
  5. Service agreement
  6. Warranty on services provided
  7. Spare parts and service parts



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